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I keep getting calls from someone by the name of Ed, but it's only a voicemail, saying that the call is to collect a debt.When I called and spoke to a woman who told me that I owed debt to a company I've never heard of, Career Management, I told her she was mistaken.

She said she must have had an incorrect phone number and that she would take care of it. Obviously, she has not and I am in the middle of a credit check for a new job.

Of course, when I try to call back it tells me to leave a message, but I can't because the mailbox is full.Now, I could possibly lose the job I was offered because of their scam/incompetency.

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NOC DEBT COLLECTIONS - I was reported to a collection company I never heard of lecacy

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I was reported to NOC debt collections systems 1-877-349-7506 concerning longdistance charges from at&t/lecacy longdistance.I Spoke with AT&T( my phone company)and they knew nothing of these charges.I have a 0 balance with them.I asked NOC to give me a phone # to try and contact lecacy but was unsucessful.It is a small amount of 37.00 but it's 37.00 too much for me with NOC CALLING ME NON-STOP.What's next 137.00 or more.Please help I dont need anything negative on my credit report.Times are hard enough as it is.

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